Polttoväri Aims for International Markets with Zinc Flake Coating

Polttoväri Aims for International Markets with Zinc Flake Coating


Polttoväri has been offering Delta MKS® zinc flake coating as a subcontractor for over 20 years, as one of few providers in the Nordic countries. Speed, flexibility, and agility are Polttoväri's strengths, as even small batches are delivered with fast turnaround times.

Zinc flake coating, known as Delta MKS® coating, is particularly renowned for its corrosion resistance and for providing maximum protection to strong materials with its thin film. Now, Polttoväri aims for international markets with this superior product that only a few offer in the Nordic countries:

– Polttoväri is also a significantly more agile player in its field compared to many other zinc flake coating providers. Because we are a relatively small player, we are flexible and able to produce both small and large coating batches even on short notice, says production manager Juha Autio from Polttoväri.

Autio's statement implies that order quantities need to be large if coatings are purchased from similar zinc flake coating manufacturers in Central Europe. Additionally, their delivery times are extended due to shipping, up to several weeks.

Over 20 years of Experience in Delivering Top-Quality Coatings

Polttoväri’s confidence and reliability as a zinc flake coating provider stem from years of experience. The company has over 20 years of experience with Delta MKS® coating, a product offered exclusively by Polttoväri in Finland and only by a few others in the Nordic countries.

– We are among the few in the Nordic countries providing zinc flake coatings as a subcontractor to others. There are others who coat with Delta coatings, but these operators only use them for their own production and do not offer them externally. Over the years, we have solved many customers' challenges with this unique coating, Autio specifies.

Active quality control is also conducted on the coated product. Here, Polttoväri utilizes its own salt spray chamber, which operates year-round.

– Quality speaks for itself. Dörken, the manufacturer of Delta coatings, audits us annually, ensuring that quality criteria and other operational requirements are met. The entire supply chain has a common goal, and that’s quality assurance to me, describes Autio.

Autio says that quality also includes professional pretreatment, which is always selected based on the product:

– For zinc flake-coated parts, pretreatment can be mechanical or chemical, such as zinc or iron phosphating, or simply degreasing.

The Nordic Countries and the Baltics are Potential Sales Targets For Delta Coating

Autio estimates that about a quarter of Polttoväri’s revenue currently derives from zinc flake coatings. However, the direction in the future is international sales, especially targeting the Nordic countries and Sweden.

– The Baltic countries and the Nordic countries are potential targets due to their geographical proximity and easy transportation. Some of the products we coat are also transported to Estonia. Overall, customers can be found in almost all industries, from mining to renewable energy.

Although zinc flake coating excels in corrosion resistance, Autio also suggests considering other noteworthy properties of the coating:

– Zinc flake coating can provide visually stunning finishes for products. Additionally, the benefits of its low coefficient of friction can be especially important in stainless fasteners and drill bolts, Autio summarizes.

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